Quinn: Coal Reset

Via The Miami Herald:

The Oct. 11 editorial, “EPA rollbacks are bad for our planet,” is an extreme misrepresentation of a much-needed regulatory reset.

With unprecedented enthusiasm for regulation, the prior administration issued broad, sweeping rules that overstepped the bounds of what the federal government can and should do — duplicating existing regulations, creating jurisdictional confusion among agencies, steamrolling states’ authority, and picking winners and losers in the energy market. Well-intended or not, it was an inappropriate use of authority that the current administration is working to address.

Coal’s critics should have nothing to fear — the market will determine the coal industry’s fate. That’s all we have been asking for: a chance to compete. But, if the industry succeeds, the U.S. can drive real and positive change. Coal will remain one of the world’s leading sources of energy in developed and developing countries for the foreseeable future, and is key to addressing energy poverty.

For those who care about the environment, instead of trying to obstruct the coal industry at home, a more appropriate path would be as a global leader driving the adoption of advanced coal technologies that will continue to reduce emissions everywhere.

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