Keep Americans Employed and Safe with Abundant Coal

July 21, 2016

Recent headlines remind us that we no longer live in a secure world, if we ever did. Whether it is economic security or national security, the mood of the country suggests Americans today have less of both. So it’s understandable that GOP conventioneers would seize on jobs and safety as twin themes in Cleveland this week.

A robust energy policy, like that in the GOP platform, keeps America working and safe. The platform advocates for using all of the nation’s prodigious energy resources – from “coal” to “hydropower.” Relying on our vast sources of energy is certainly one time-tested way of safeguarding our economy from external shocks and generating affordable power and good-paying jobs for American families. An inclusive energy policy also incentivizes research institutions and companies to apply their ingenuity to all forms of energy efficiency – from carbon capture to advanced battery technologies.

An inclusive energy policy also safeguards American jobs, especially those paying the highest wages and offering good benefits. These jobs are capable of supporting families, like those in the coal industry which are among the highest wage-paying jobs in virtually every state where coal is mined or used.

Finally, affordable and abundant energy safeguards the most vulnerable – the low-income and fixed income families, our seniors and the unemployed — from higher energy bills. Substituting costlier power for cheaper power will not foster better jobs or a safe environment for millions of Americans living on the edge.

Few Americans today would say they feel more secure than they did four years ago.  An “all of the above” energy policy and support for high paying jobs is a proven way to address their anxieties.