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Lawmakers express concern over proposed NSPS rule


Rally For American Energy Jobs 2013 - 10/29/2013 Washington. D.C.

  • Coal Must Be a Part of the Nation's Future
    Mar 30th, 2014
    There is a battle going on in our nation right now over the future of energy, and West Virginia is at the center of this debate. We are the nation’s third largest energy producer and second largest producer of coal. Yet, there is an effort by some to not only limit how we use and burn coal for energy, but also how we extract it.
  • EPA's coal regs: all pain, no gain for Wisconsin
    Mar 24th, 2014
    Wisconsin's economy has been on the upswing, but Washington's proposed greenhouse gas regulations could change all that.
  • J. Winston Porter: We need to keep coal in our energy mix
    Mar 10th, 2014
    President Obama spoke of his "all of the above" energy strategy during the recent State of the Union address, but his actions tell a very different story.
  • Quinn: Don't worry about EPA power plant regulations?
    Mar 10th, 2014
    It was good to see that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy traveled last week from the nation’s capital to visit an energy capital.
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